Any books on manodharma sangeetham

Books on Carnatic Music and those for / by / on musicians.
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#1 Any books on manodharma sangeetham

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Can you please suggest a good book on manodharma sangeetham..raga aalapana and Kalpana swaram.. thanks
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#2 Re: Any books on manodharma sangeetham

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There is a book by Dr.S.Pinakapani titled Manodharma Sangitam. It was published by Brhaddhvani, Chennai, in 1992. It is in available in Tamil and Telugu editions.
The Telugu edition is available here:

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#3 Re: Any books on manodharma sangeetham

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For the first time in the history I have brought out the following book in 2001 on Manodharma Sangeetham along with an audio CD. amsharma
In the annals of our music literature this is the first time to bring out Special-laya-exercises, Svarakalpana in different Ragas with a number of easily followable symbolised ‘Muktayis’ in Rupaka, Khanda-chapu, Mishra-chapu and Adi (medium & slow tempi & Trisra-gati) in the first part of Svara-sudha, few mathematical Pallavis and Ragalapana of 36 Ragas in symbolized notation in the second part of Raga-sudha. Supplied along with an album of 1 mp3 pre-recorded CD containing some Laya exercises and Svarakalpana and Ragalapana of 36 Ragas sung by the author himself according to the notation furnished in this book.

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