LAKSHMI DEVNATH'S "Pictures of Melody" Series

Books on Carnatic Music and those for / by / on musicians.
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#1 LAKSHMI DEVNATH'S "Pictures of Melody" Series

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I am delighted to bring to the attention of the Rasikas the innovative, original and brilliant contributions of the famous writer Smt. Lakshmi Devnath (through the Pictures of Melody Series) in a timely manner, the great achievements and accomplishments of the GREATS of the Twentieth Century Masters of Carnatic Music. I will start with the latest book in the series-Centenary Special-2012 MADURAI MANI IYER-:
There have been many admirable efforts to bring out UNIQUE GENIUS OF MADURAI MANI IYER; I feel this novel format has COMBINED ALL THE ASPECTS OF MMI'S LIFE AND MUSIC. While it might appear to appeal to youngsters a la Amarchitrakatha etc in reality IT IS ONE OF THE FEW BOOKS that is COMPREHENSIVE, INTERESTINGLY WRITTEN and contains a detailed account of the life, times and music of MMI. The EXPERT COMBINATION of the format, cartoon style BRILLIANT presentations, the engaging style of the writer brought my ENTIRE EXPERIENCE & INTERACTIONS WITH MMI for long period come to life in an amazing fashion. The same can be said about the other two books about M.S.S. & G.N.B. and I cannot wait for the one on T.Brinda.
We are fortunate Lakshmi Denvanath has decided to present us with the HISTORY of our MUSIC in such an exemplary fashion. Fortunately the recordings of the concerts themselves are now a days readily available elsewhere. I STRONGLY FEEL that anyone who has listened to any of these GIANTS & PATH BREAKERS should possess a copy of every one of these books written by her.
I request Lakshmi Devanath to write futrher details including how one can acquire them as a follow up to this brief description of mine. I feel these books are the BEST that has happened in a long time- esp in their centenary year- towards our acknowledging the contributions of the Twentieth Century Greats.....VKV

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#2 Re: LAKSHMI DEVNATH'S "Pictures of Melody" Series

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Thank you so much Mr VKV. I cherish this compliment coming from you, a staunch admirer of Sri Madurai Mani Iyer and a veteran connoisseur of Carnatic music.

The books can be purchased from the Swati website Their phone no is 044-4231 6060. More details about the entire series and the bookshops in which they are available can be viewed in my The books will also be available for sale during the season at all Swathi stalls and during the Cleveland Aradhana festival.

Lakshmi Devnath

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