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Pramod Kumar writes in Indian Express and I have noticed from today he has also written a lovely write up in The Hindu dated Dec 08,2019. ... 212632.ece

The above writeup is exceptionally written well with few cogent thoughts . Also mention about Madrasana Mahesh venkateswaran is very apt.
I just want to add few points here to what is written

1. More than the music it is the press writeups that gives a multiplier effect . Even casual mention about few starts who are really and surely stars matters for the milllion plus readers in The Hindu. It is just not Experience Economy but I would humbly put it as contextual marketing where you throw bit of money and bring in right connections

2. Who knows if say Rajinikanth listens to a concert and that goes viral from 1 % to 10 %. But that would mean rajinikanth would lose his 10% to some number towards 1 % .Ofcourse the rajinikanth 1% is 1000 times bigger than carnatic music 1% .

3. If a movie like shankarabharanam and sindhubhairavi comes with great carnatic melody we may have a 1% to 5 % lift to carnatic market.

4. We in rasikas and erstwhile sangeetham did make a difference say from 2001 to 2016 timeframe, we may have collectively pushed say count of rasikas from 0.7 to 1.0 % market share . Then whatsapp impulsiveness and facebook narcissism have taken us and conquered our psyche. srkris atleast to start with can draw more focus by discouraging say notations which are just one point post by 100s of students who are using this site as a spam ground to ask notations and Lji's one line reply done and not making any one visit rasikas as every day when you login you have to cross ten one point to point email reply posts. This was told to me by 3 rasikas who are no more participating in rasikas. That could push from say 1 % to 1 .1 %, but srkris has to act .

Thank you Pramod , you are a phenomenal writer. Perhaps next to Lalitharam who is the finest contributor you are few greats who are doing a fabulous job.

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