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SV Ramani - Founder of NSTSS and ranjani hall, Nanganallur
I just wanted to chronicle the very limited information about SV Ramani . SV ramani is the founder patron of Ranjani hall and I think he is also the founder of Nanganallur Sadhguru Thyagaraja Sangeet Samajam(NSTSS) . For the last 6 + years or so I have attended about 8 or so concert in ranjani hall and I have seen him , but not talked with him that much . Ramani mama died last year and I am assuming he is relatively younger to another great patron who is now 86 who is known as Nanganallur ramanathan . Last week Nanganallur Ramanathanan spoke at length and musician suryaprakash also talked about him

#1. SV Ramani built the ranjani hall by donating a portion of land . i am not sure he alone did it or was that a trust where the land was brought for lease. As such this hall can house easily 400 folks and they are holding atleast 2 monthly concerts and for sure a 4 day festival of thyagaraja in Feb/March and also Dec/Jan season for 5 to 7 days.

#2. This sabha NSTSS bubbles with extra enthusiasm , one definite reason is the bulk of rasikas are in that age group majority of 65 plus. Concerts are held and almost start on time and they give atleast 2 and half to 3 hours . Many days they also give great food by serving dinner.Ramani Sir in particular used to ensure all of them have food and he only eats after dinner being served .

#3. Ramani Sir once gave an award thru NSTSS many years back.Before the award day or so , Ramani Sir calls suryaprakash and asks him if he is free for the next few hours . Suryaprakash says he is free on that day , ramani sir comes to his home and without revealing anything he takes suryaprakash to kanchipuram. In kannchipuram suryaprakash gets the award from kanchi bala periyava which is due to be given the following week . Suryaprakash was mentioning every action of Ramani Sir was extremely thoughtful

#4. SV ramani was extremely interested with S kalyanaraman music. Many concerts Ramani Sir has personally gone with SKR . He had taken special care in telling a lot about SKR and Suryaprakash stated he and musicians like Sangeeetha Swaminathan have been groomed with SKR music . Ramani Sir was an important karanakartha for that.

1 and 2 Was stated by Nanganallur Ramanathan and 3 and 4 stated by Suryaprakash. Collected this information from the concert last week,the link of tht concert is in viewtopic.php?f=13&t=31247 .

From this year SV ramani's childen(Ranjani , Saraswati and Murali) and his wife are carrying forward the legacy of him. It appears that Murali , son of Ramani is surely going to take NSTSS and ranjani hall forward . I personally feel It is so important to curate concerts with the insight of what their parents have done with extreme thought and that is extremely critical legacy.The octagenerian Ramanathan Sir rotation of artists is great and there is always lead from the front enthusiasm from him. I only wish best of luck to NSTSS and hope efforts of family of Ramani sir and many like Nanganallur Ramanathan continue rocking.

The ramani sir that i saw in the last few years is different in my mind , I am assuming the photo uploaded below is a relatively younger ramani sir. I would like to hear more from other forumites about SV Ramani (is he by any chance also a part time musician,other anecdotes on NSTSS and how he has shaped nanganallur are welcome)
Image SV Ramani ,Nanganallur samAjan

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