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I keep hearing a lot about this patron , rather young patron T Satish kumar . He is a doctor by profession and I think he is still part of PSG Medical science, coimbatore . A music label company by name Rajalakshmi Audio was started by him , i recollect reading some where that Music Academy concerts in mid 2005 + or -4 years was all recorded by Rajalakshmi Audio . Presently he is holding a september festival exclusively year on year in coimbatore . I am told thru grapevine that Kovai folks eagerly look forward for this yearly festival . I also read some where that he conducts this festival financially doling his own money and not going after sponsors (I am not too sure of this )

Having such intense love to CM and organizing concerts and spreading to cities like Coimbatore which had very minimal music is simply great. These festivals will only up the antenna to have more carnatic signal in turn having more passionate listeners.All said Kudos To T Satish kumar and his Rajalakshmi Fine Arts . Looking forward to atleast hear one concert in Coimbatore in september.

Very old writeup of 2011
http://www.thehindu.com/features/friday ... 435980.ece

If some one from Coimbatore or if any one has more personal experience please do write about Satish Kumar.

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