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#1 Aeolus articles

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Hello All

A while ago (at least five years) there was a website with several articles of Shri S.V.Seshadri (nomdeplume of Aeolus) from Shankar's weekly. I searched about a year ago but could not find it. Does anyone have an idea where the articles could be found? The reviews are absolutely delightful to read, combining as they do a keen insight into carnatic music, superb language and several references to English literature.

I managed to get a few from old sruti magazines, but if memory serves me correctly there are probably quite a few more from the original Shankar's weekly that never made it.



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Hello, ramathreya.

We have compiled about twenty articles of Aeolus and have uploaded them on a webpage we created. We have many more left to be converted from the paper copies to digital text and will update this page periodically.

Here's the link:

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