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#1 R T Chari

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Shri R T Chari is certainly well known in chennai . He has certainly done a lot in terms of archiving music and more importantly giving his Tag center for many of music events . He is also one of the executive office bearer of the academy. Looks like he is a late starter in collecting music .

While there are many events to bring in more rasikas -I particularly like any competition to identify different ragas . If a rasika begins to like more ragas and just wants to identify ragas , i guess it is one of the sure ways to make that rasika *stick* to CM , without that interest in identifying ragas he/she will go home and switches on the tv and sit with another idiotic program for relaxation.

Write up on RT chari
http://www.thehindu.com/features/friday ... 765585.ece

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Thanks for bringing yet another rasikA whose contribution in encouraging many to listen to CM is noteworthy. Bringing kids into it makes it even better.

Isn't he our Krishna's (wish he would post regularly) uncle?

The write up lends itself for a bit more editing, I felt...

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