C V Narasimhan - Bombay an ardent music connoisseur

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#1 C V Narasimhan - Bombay an ardent music connoisseur

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a few qualities (although I am yet to ascertain and fathom all his wonderful qualities)

a classy cricketer as evident from the attached picture

a mridangist/khanjira player, who has played with Sri Madurai Mani Iyer, Sri Alathur Srinivasa Iyer, Sri Devakkotai Narayana Iyengar, Smt DKPattammal, Pudhukode Krishnamurthy, Dr S Ramanathan sir, KVN sir, TNK sir, DKJ sir, Lalgudi Jayaraman Sir, MSG sir, VVS sir, along with top percussionists like Sri TK Murthy, Sri Palghat Raghu, Sri Vellore Ramabadran, Sri Umayalpuram Sivaraman, Sri Alla Rakha, Sri L V Krishnan (son of Kalpathy Vishwanatha Iyer - guru of Sri PMI) etc etc etc

a very close friend of MahAvidwAn Palghat Mani Iyer and MahAvidwAn Chembai Vaidynatha Bhagavathar

a very humble and pleasing personality who had as friends almost everybody in the Indian music world, sri ashok kumar (dadamuni) of the film world

major team player in the way Bharatiya Music and Arts Society, Bhaudaji Rd Mumbai, was functioning from the early 60's onwards..

possessor of the special permission from MahAvidwAn Palghat Mani Iyer, to record his concerts live @ Bharatiya, in the AKAI spool

hosted almost the who's who in the indian music world at his SION, Mumbai residence. Sri KJY used to come home everyday, to take the blessings of Chembai Bhagavathar

had the privilege of having a cook in his bachelor days itself.

had the good fortune of marrying Smt Lalitha, who was an epitome of sacrifice, love and care.

was the father of 2 lovely children

was an astute businessman, who upheld the values to the T

has helped so many people/friends, during his lifetime, and most of them still remember his contribution in shaping their careers

was one of the instrumental factors/a great team player, for the successful running of the music school @ Bharatiya

a pious and religious man who lived a very satisfying life and lifestyle

he has left priceless memories for all of us children to ponder on. the list is endless....

sorry if I have inadvertently missed out on somebody

Bombay C N Balaji (son)

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