Tinypic is down

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#1 Tinypic is down

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I used to upload images to rasikas.org using Tinypic, but as I understand the website is now in the process of being shut down. Is there an alternative to tinypic ? Secondly what happens to the huge number of pictures in rasikas.org which were uploaded in the past through tinypic ?

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#2 Re: Tinypic is down

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Maybe you had an email to the effect they say they can no longer afford to offer a free hosting service, and, as of a certain date, all material hosted by tinypic is gone. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news: I bet it leaves holes in a lot of forums.

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#3 Re: Tinypic is down

Post by rajeshnat »

very very sad. I just crosschecked few samples and I have lost those images in many of my reviews where i put photos. In early years of sangeetham and rasikas used photoupload those are gone , then tinypic they are gone. I am using this right now

THe perils of using free software for image upload is a sudden death attack.

Srkris and Mods
Some thing has to be done. For now push immediately this post to General discussions. I have some ideas but i want some experts to speak first.

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#4 Re: Tinypic is down

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I would suggest that all forum activists have their own google-site.
Any one with gmail account can have their own site. It is free.
And inserting images is so very easy. Audio is a bit difficult.
Why not use Google Drive for storing the image and then give link in either this forum post or link to the page in google-site or vblogger? All of them are free. I will give a sample in my next post.

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#5 Re: Tinypic is down

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