rasikas.org June 2019 crash and thereafter

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#1 rasikas.org June 2019 crash and thereafter

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@srkris ,
I know you are working hard on fixing the site after its crash . Presently the google indexed links when searched is giving results but does not go to the correct link of the rasikas and just goes to home page . I was thinking with you moving from rasikas.ora as home raikas.org/samv , that is fine as it is temporary. I was wondering if you could do the following

1. LEt folks just browse post login into rasikas.org/samv. I got your communication the crash at root note rasikas.org is making us not exactly at that root node.

2. WIll it be possible to disable write access as such i see about 30 posts getting to rasikas.org/samv . Will it not create further indexing issue. with some content in rasikas.org/samv

3. You take your time to fix the root hosting issue where historic content stays at rasikas.org.Till you fix I think we all could be ok where we only just browse for few more days where we just read and not write .

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