New Moderator user ids

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#1 New Moderator user ids

Post by RasikasModerator1 »

From now onwards, posts from the Moderators will have user ids of the form RasikasModerator1, RasikasModerator2 etc.

We have been meaning to do this for quite a while. There are several advantages to this level of indirection. The main one being the differentiating between the regular contributions from the moderator person and their posts as a moderator. This also gives us the flexibility in other aspects of managing the forum.

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#2 Re: New Moderator user ids

Post by srkris »

This is just one of a series of changes that we are planning to do to bring some order to the forum.

We have noted some other changes (suggested by members and moderators) that are due to come in due course.

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