avoiding youtube links in posts and yet using them lrgally

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#1 avoiding youtube links in posts and yet using them lrgally

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(uploaded by sanatana) .. 266 comments.
This youtube link is for the famous song by MS Amma ..( JoJoAchthanada. Annamacharya) .
saregama has muted the audio.
This is a recent practice by them. ( mostly on MS songs!)
The page had an incredible 24 lakhs views and 3000 likes.
Initially it seems to have been working well with audio.
see the reaction of all the disappointed visitors.
I too reached this page yesterday , through the link given in one of the pages.and was saddened to miss the audio.
Instead of simply giving the youtube link, the user can extract the mp3 ( by using a very simple-to-use on-line converter convertt2mp3 dot net . just copy and paste the youtube url and click 'convert' It works very fast. We need not instal any software.

But, the song is copy right by saregama. A respected forum like rasikas .org can approach and get special permission for downloading the song. and make it available to the rasikas.
So, the rasika may contact the admin of rasikas with this request. and they may pursue the matter further.
The ROYALTY FROM THE SALES OF THESE RECORDS IS USED FOR MANY CHARITY ORGANIZATIONS. So, it is hurting the purpose. A debate may be worth on the topic.
Many many such links have become useless in recent times, without the knowledge of the persons who gave the links. It is rather curious that it is happening to mostly MS songs!

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#2 Re: avoiding youtube links in posts and yet using them lrgally

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You should see the long-running saga of parivadini/Youtube/Sarigama+others.

I doubt that it is feasible for rasikas.org admin people to deal with individual-song requests to copyright owners. It will not happen.

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