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#1 Good topics

Post by srkris »


We need a best topics thread in each section to list down the best topics raised in that section of the forum.

Please provide your opinions for this suggestion from VK.


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#2 Re: Good topics

Post by arasi »

Good idea! The way topics are raining, pouring...

salilam varshaya, varshaya, varshaya! (may the rains come!), the vidvAn sang. 'Stop singing that!', a rasikA shouted.'We have enough trouble as is. Look outside, it's pouring! How can we find an auto if you make the roads flood even more?', he added. Ha!
(sorry, couldn't resist typing the above--a trigger from the spate of musical jokes we have been seeing lately on the forum--the formula hooked me in, folks!). Ha!

Talk about audience participation :)

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#3 Re: Good topics

Post by vasanthakokilam »

ganesh_mourthy's post in a different thread about keeping track of good posts and music related material prompted me to revive this thread.

The purpose of this thread is for members to nominate 'Threads of Distinction' here. Provide the link and optionally a short commentary about the topic (what it is about and your appreciation of it etc.). We will then periodically copy the recommendation to this thread so we can keep them all in one place. ( the admin is the final decision making authority on this just in case there is some diff of opinion about if a thread is a 'thread of distinction' or not )

We can discuss the thread at a high level here like what people like about it. etc. The actual topic discussion should be in the individual threads and not here and the consolidated list at is reserved purely as list and so no discussion there please.

The criteria for inclusion is not prescribed (because it is hard to come up with one) but we hope members will use their personal judgement for that. A rough guideline is this: 'this is a thread I would come back and read in 6 months, enjoy and get something out of it and I think others will too' or the colloquial expression "I know it when I see it" as immortalized by the U.S. Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart.

The goal is to get 100 nominations before the end of the year. That will provide enough momentum to keep the list growing.

Like the ever confident Roger Federer is known to tell the reporters at the post match conference 'Let your questions be good, your peers are watching', let our recommendations be great, the whole CM world is watching :)

Thanks all.

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