Javali in raga mandu/adi tala?

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#1 Javali in raga mandu/adi tala?

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Has anyone encountered a javali in raga mandu and adi tala, with the following sahitya for the pallavi: "vanai rammanavai na priya sakhi, venu ganalolunai jooda, manai ne dayaseyunu na saminai"?

Context: As part of my Benesh movement notation studies at the Paris Conservatory, I plan to reconstruct the dance choreography from a Benesh movement score of a dance piece on this music. The piece was choreographed by Kalakshetra-style teacher Balasundari Prathalingam and it may have been performed by Madhurika (Maureen Sanderson) at her arangetram in London in 1971: this was the first arangetram by a non-Indian in England. Unfortunately, apart from the movement notation, I only have the names of the raga and tala, and the sahitya with the padartha. Any guesses about the composer, music notations, or audio-recordings are welcome!

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