[email protected]'s hall on Dec 31st,2011

Review the latest concerts you have listened to.
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#1 S[email protected]'s hall on Dec 31st,2011

Post by rajeshnat » 01 Jan 2012, 15:06

[email protected]'s hall on Dec 31st,2011
Vocal : Suryaprakash
Violin : Murali kumar
Mrudangam : Tanjore Murugabhoopathi
KanjirA : Nerkunam Shankar

Concert duration/Day : 2 hours and 45 mins/Saturday
Concert Type : Nirvana (prime evening concert , no concert to follow)
Sabha/Hall : sriranjani / Swamy's hall

1. missed ata talam reetigowlai varnam - heard the last phrase
2. sadAnanda tAndavam (R S) - bahudAri - AchutadAsar
7 mins alapana and 4 mins violin return
swaras for 4 mins

3. mAmava meenAkshi (N)- varAli - MD
neraval in "shyamE Shankari digvijaya pratApini" for 10 mins
4. enta veDukondu - saraswati manOhari - T

5A. inta sowkhya (R N S T) - kApi - T
18 mins alApana and 11 mins violin return
neraval in "svara rAga laya sudhA rasamandu" for 8 mins
swaras for 16 mins
5B. tani for 11 mins

It was a definitely a very creative concert with two usual attributes of suryaprakAsh that is always found in abundance , voice full open throated with high shruthi adherance, neraval and swaras having high scores of imagination . And there was an unusual attribute where at times one gets a feel that the creative envelope of carnatic music is pushed. This was the last concert of his 16 or 17 concerts this season , but the energy was in full flow

Went late almost at the end of few sangathis of ata tAlam varnam in reetigowlai , I love this rAga and I wished I had come on time .(I did not actually plan to attend this concert , but another concert had an inordinate delay).

bahudAri alApana was quite detailed and the sound was fixed right at the end of varnam by reducing the overall volume.sadAnanda tAndavam was creative and another lovely patterns in bahudAri that had lot of on spot manODharmam. But till submain if there is one thing that pleased me the most was his neraval in varAli, nice balance of bhAvA and technique.

I was tad disappointed with enta veDukondu,as he only sang the krithi , a sprinkle of neraval or swaras with a rolling bhoopathy and shankar would have been better. But he planned to allocate more time to brew kApi.

While dwelling in kApi if any musician painstakingly takes the effort to soak in elaboration centerd on melody, with quite of an array of patterns it is indeed wonderful, the alApana was gripping and sangathis came in torrents , the krithi was exceptionally well done with a nice neraval in swarA rAga laya sudhA rAsa,what spacing of words, Sadguru is a perfect T there .

Swaras had more of kanakku at the beginning for the first few mins but the last 12 mins was really wonderful , especially sangathis was a niagara downpour that too when the rotation is more like vocalist singing and then violinist repeating with percussion for only the violinist . Overall kApi had an amazing tempo with a precision and control of voice.
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#2 Re: [email protected]'s hall on Dec 31st,2011

Post by rajeshnat » 01 Jan 2012, 15:07

6 . RTP in dwimadhyamA panchama vajra -suryashri in tisra triputa tAlam
Ragam in suryashri for 11 mins
tAnam for 7 mins both without and with mrudangam
Pallavi with trikAlam for 6 mins
pallavi line manda hAsa vadanA harE krishnA
swara rAgamaligA in suryashri , soorya and mohanakalyAni for 12 mins

7A. slokham like in pallavi line of mAye SawarE - sindubhairavi - ST
7B. mAyE sAwarE - sindubhairavi - ST

8. vellai thAmarai - bhimplAs - mahAkavi bharathiyAr
9. thillAna "yAriddam Koori muraiIduvEn" - suddasArang - suryaprakash
10. mangalam

The biggest surprise was indeed when one witnesses the creative envelope of carnatic music being pushed. Tanjore S kalyANaramAn , a mahA medhai is the creator of this dwi madhyamA -panchama vAjrA ragas. It was wonderful to hear suryashri being elaborated as a pallavi.I remember there was some interesting posts by V Sanjeev in this forum,IIRC it is taking suryakAntham as a base and omitting panchamam and adding both madhyamAms (M1 and M2).

To an extent one can compartmentalize other rAgas where it is fairly linear , but this dwimadhyama has a very non - linear typecast and the artist has to really dwell deeply . With two madhyamAs and taking panchamam out there is perhaps an unexpected - unpredictable - uneasiness for the musician to pick up and sing . But he did not sing with any trepidity to stick to that grammar, it was a classically well cooked pallavi.

The rAga alApana of suryashri was well done , I got a feel of a rAgam by name haricharan(ashtapadi sung by SKR) , the tAnam was lovely for about 3 mins it was without and then with mrudangam it was really good . The tisra triputa pallavi was well done with trikAlam .

In Swaras he sang with an ease of confidence avoing Panchamam and really singing aesthetically as though sooryashri is more a norm than an exception. Singing swaras of suryashree for quite long was perhaps the toughest. He moved on to soorya , I do know that soorya rAgA is without panchamam and it was really elaborate. And perhaps was it to show that panchamam is really needed :D or was it a case I have had enough of this dwimadhyamAm and I need panchamam ;) ,when he moved to mohanakalyAni ,which had a definite panchamam. Overall liked the pallavi for its aesthetics and also for the effort and guts to present it elaborately.

I remember V Sanjeev writing some time back there is 36 combinations of panchama vajra -dwi madhyama melakartha ragas ,here is the first bell the cat pallavi (I am assuming musicians have not sung this pallavi, stand corrected if some one has, do post if it has happened) . I hope from 2012 onwards there is more unconventional typecast rAgas getting pushed in the future from this onwards, taking a cue from here.

Tukkadas were well done . I particularly liked the suddasArang thillAnA of his , another rAga that was energised by SKalyanarAman. vellai thamarai was a request from the crowd .Overall I did get a feel that with the pallavi the concert peaked and it indeed did .

I am seeing and hearing this violinist murali??, for the first time ,I overheard an elderly rasikAs who were seated before me telling that he is MSG sishyA . His play was more better in the second half and pallavi was quite impressive(Has that got to do with he being MSG's student as MSG has played a lot for SKR) . KApi alapana return was bit of a drag and he did not give much charm there. Rest were in betwen, overall just good.

The percussionist were wonderful murugabhoopathi was lovely especially in high voltage saraswati maNohari ,he helped in elaborating the canvas of kApi and he was a murukku (twisted) bhoopathi in suryaashri, nice kAlapramanam that suits the singer. Nerkunam shankar played very well , just like his guru ,very nice sound and played sparsely and was well received by the audience. Overall most of the concert that I go to ,I am hearing nerkunam shankar a lot and he is improving day by day.

I did see a video camcorder shoot happening for this concert . Hope it gets either released commercially or reaches the omnipresent tube to reach more YOU. This musician is careless in not reaching out to YOUtube, best way to market.

If there was some thing to nitpick -- it was not singing swaras or neraval in saraswathi mAnOhari, little reduced kApi kanakku would have made it better, and I also missed a detailed viruththam or slokham , mAyE sAwarE as a short mini slokham and I yawned twice :devil: :devil: to lose the sound and make it as a micro slokham. But a rare haley's comet 35 minute pallavi made my day.

Hope in general 2012 benchmarks better than 2011 for all artists. Best wishes to vidwans and vidushis

Overall an excellent to outstanding concert for 2 hours and 45 minutes.
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#3 Re: [email protected]'s hall on Dec 31st,2011

Post by rajeshnat » 01 Jan 2012, 15:37

Forgot to add before:
In Swamy's hall there is a big portrait of Tanjore S KalyAnarAman , and it is just beautiful. Suryaprakash acknowledged the greatness of SKR when he sang the pallavi and explained a bit about this type of ragas when he sang the Raga in RTP and he dedicated this to SKR .I was quite happy to hear lot of applause for SKR.You all have to see that lovely color portrait of SKR in swamy's hall
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#4 Re: [email protected]'s hall on Dec 31st,2011

Post by arasi » 01 Jan 2012, 18:29

Wish I were there in Chennai for the Suryasri sung by Surya.Have heard his guru sing a grand Surya.

'but he planned to allocate more time to brew kApi' ;) A rajeshesque line!
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#5 Re: [email protected]'s hall on Dec 31st,2011

Post by mohan » 01 Jan 2012, 21:05

The violinist is Murali Kumar who is based in Melbourne, Australia. He is disciple of Kanchi Janardhanan and later from MSG.
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#6 Re: [email protected]'s hall on Dec 31st,2011

Post by rajeshnat » 02 Jan 2012, 08:50

mohan wrote:The violinist is Murali Kumar who is based in Melbourne, Australia. He is disciple of Kanchi Janardhanan and later from MSG.
Tx mohan, did not know that , another clean shaven aussie like you
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#7 Re: [email protected]'s hall on Dec 31st,2011

Post by ganeshkant » 02 Jan 2012, 11:22

It is really a laudable effort of SP to take a rAgam like suryasri for RTP.Let him continue with such good attempts.
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