Playing madhyama shruti ragas on instruments

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Playing madhyama shruti ragas on instruments

#1  Postby balakk » 03 Feb 2012 09:29

I've often wondered how do instrumentalists (especially accompanists) adjust to madhyama shruti ragas like yamunakalyani etc. Do they re-tune their instruments for the song or can they adjust on the fly? I'm not much of a live concert attender i am afraid :$

Do all madhyama shruti ragas compulsorily end at Nishadham?
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Re: Playing madhyama shruti ragas on instruments

#2  Postby radmahesh » 08 Apr 2012 06:29

In Veena Instrument, madhyama sruthi raga (yamunakalyani) is played from Suddhamadhyamam note, where M1 is taken as Shadjam. It would be very pleasing to hear a madhyama sruthi raga in an instrument. It requires great practice to play in veena, as all the note positions change when M1 becomes Shadjam.
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