What's the raga? Again #7

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#1  Postby arunk » 31 Jul 2009 22:09


Different one. Not really a challenge to guess, as perhaps it is not as rare (to hear say an elaboration), but boy isn't it special :) ?

Any comments/opinions as before are always appreciated! If possible, please comment on the blog
Note - answers are on the post itself and "hidden" until revealed.

(Although it doesnt apply as much to this one) So to let others enjoy the post, please do not post the direct answer here - please do not be "that friend who blurts out the raga before we can figure it out" . I just want people to enjoy some rare (and special) pieces (atleast what I think are rare - may not be rare to all) and get their own individual satisfaction in getting the raga.

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#2  Postby ragam-talam » 12 Aug 2009 01:14

No #8 as yet?
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