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Re: Movies that qualify to be called as 'musical'

#26  Postby maduraimini » 06 Jul 2012 00:10

Yes, Arasi. If someone happens to hear our silly conversations , They will make a 360 degree turn concerning our wisdom! But we do have fun and talk about everything under the sun. Like you say we have known each other for so long and have been alone from the family on foreign shores for ages. rshankar, Thanks for the lovely review. I am glad you liked it. The Taj Mahal is beautiful esp. at night. I heard it was not safe at night time because of dacoits using it as a hangout at night time. I was told this many years ago by my ex neighbor in Agra, when we went to Agra for a visit after many years. I guess it is safe now as the Govt. has made it a tourist attraction. I have my App called 'Tiffin' now. You can take a look at that, if you want to.
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Re: Movies that qualify to be called as 'musical'

#27  Postby venkatakailasam » 07 Jul 2012 19:16

Film (1941) Sabapathy P.A. Periya Nayaki Concert supported by...on the Fiddle by C.V. Dhanalakshmi and Mrdangam, V. Neelambari.
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Re: Movies that qualify to be called as 'musical'

#28  Postby maduraimini » 08 Jul 2012 00:03

The mega hit Sri Valli with great music by the hero T.R. Mahalingam and P.A. Perianayaki's song ' chindai arindu vaadi'. Mahalingam sang ' kaayatha kanakatthe' reminded of S.G.Kittappa's famous drama song.
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Re: Movies that qualify to be called as 'musical'

#29  Postby arasi » 09 Jul 2012 19:44

Thanks Vkailasam for the SabhApathy cachEri clip. I was too young to watch the movie when it was released ;)
While sequences in later films have very formal concert scenes, this was delightful--guests figured as much as the performers--and the wedded couple--TRR's appreciation of the music and that of the audience was very informal (though some don their hats through the performance!).
Vintage stuff it is, in that it brought back memories of old weddings--sandalwood paste, sprinkling of scented water from pannIr sembu!
As for P.A. Perianayaki--she had an unique voice which appealed to me. Here, I think it's her debut performance. Add to it the stiffness in expression at first and camera consciousness. Soon, they all lighten up and smile. The mrudangam player is an exception. She adds so much liveliness to the scene from the start. Wonder if she continued playing. Turbaned gents, a twelve thirumaN-ed person in the audience, the arrival of VIPs obscuring the stage at the end, were all entertaining to watch.
PAP did have that distinct voice. Years later when I first saw and heard M.S. Sheela, she somehow reminded me of PAP. Another gifted artiste with a unique voice and presence.
The fun part was the request for singing in thamizh and the switch-over!
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