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#1  Postby borundev » 07 Aug 2006 01:35


Roshanara Begam was a pupil of Ustad Abdul Karim Khan sahab and her details can be found at ... begum.html

Unfortunately she migrated to Pakistan and she didn't get the recognition due to her in India. A loss for India more than her. It is surprisingly hard to get hold of her music. I have a fair bit of her music including vilambit pieces of Shankara, Kedar, Bhimpalasi, Kalavati, Kamod, Marwa and Mian Ki Malhar and a few others.

What I do not have and know does exist out there due to short clips on the net are Nand, Multani and Malkauns. If any gentleman or gentler lady would like to either get the music I mentioned or something else please do not hesitate to reply.

On the flip and much more important side if you have something by her please please do let me know.

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#2  Postby drshrikaanth » 07 Aug 2006 01:47

You seem to have a treasure. If they are non-commercial, Please upload and share it with us all her. There will be lots of grateful rasikas. A discuiion can kick-off as well.

If they are commercial, they stick with you on the forum.

But NO offers for email sharing of recordings please.
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#3  Postby borundev » 07 Aug 2006 04:22

Some of them are explicitly commercial. For them I choose to refer the people interested to places they can be bought. By explicitly commercial I mean those which can be bought.

Some of them I got from a friend of mine from Pakistan in highly poor quality CDs whose covers would remind you of the porn movies sold in big cities. I don't know if they are commercial.

To be honest some of the music is so old I don't even know if its commercial. In principle I should be able to look at catalogs of EMI Pakistan or HMV India and find out by I have tried and not found a lot. I do happen to know there ought to more than a handful commercial releases in India.

For people who want to taste her music some of it is available at
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#4  Postby srkris » 07 Aug 2006 08:19

Borundev, you are right. We should be glad Bade Ghulam Ali came back.
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#5  Postby borundev » 11 Aug 2006 05:13

Here is a Raga Nand (also known as Anandi) and Raga Jhinjhoti, with the bandish popularised by her Guru ... I.mp3.html ... I.mp3.html
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#6  Postby murthyhmg » 11 Aug 2006 15:53

Here is a link to Raga Kedar by Roshanara Begum. ... r.mp3.html
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#7  Postby borundev » 14 Aug 2006 06:02

Here is an Adana

She sings beautifully but Adana being a 'chanchal' raag (by my extremely limited knowledge) I find Ustad Fateh Ali Khan's rendering more delightful (as posted in an earlier thread on the maestro). Having said that, it would be wonderful if some expert would enlighten us on what are the differences than me just saying one is more 'delightful'.
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#8  Postby priyanka » 11 Oct 2006 11:17

Hi All,

All the links of rapidshare are not working. Could any one would repost them. I would really appreciate that.

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