Terms equivalent in CM

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Terms equivalent in CM

#1  Postby satyabalu » 05 Feb 2012 17:26

* These are the HM terms expressed in Kutchery Reviews of CM concerts.
*can someone identify parallel terms in CM? :!: Regards.
* behlawas
*sargams./palta based
*bal banav.
*bol taans
*"Dadra "style
*Gharana gayaki
*Manodharma statements(alaap bol-vistaars)
*avant-garde amads
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Re: Terms equivalent in CM

#2  Postby varsha » 06 Feb 2012 13:06

I remember hilarious days when my colleague in charge of from -out-of-chennai visitors to training programs , would be talking like this over phone.
To those guys from the table ,next to mine :
we could hear the conversation as follows - ( he liked to flash his knowledge of hindi to us) .
you have to get down -- ha ha utarna - beach aur tambram ke beech mein .. guindy mein .
what ? you are already in the beach station ? then you have to come back towards tambaram and get down at guindy .
when does guindy come , you ask ...
beach station aur tambram ke beech mein .
no no . there is no beach in tambaram
so what ? you ask ? you dont have to get down at any beach .
where is guindy you ask?.
marina beach aur tambaram ke beech mein .
no there are no two beaches like marina and tambram
only one beach station in chennai called marina


On a serious note , there is little meaning in using these terms in CM. Unless one wants to push it down the readers throats .
Simpler way is to assimilate the CM's way of elucidating these issues and getting along .

Understanding those terms are , however , useful in the HM Context .
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Re: Terms equivalent in CM

#3  Postby Nick H » 06 Feb 2012 14:57

hilarious :lol:

I was wondering about Tambaram Beach!

(Just like I used to wonder at living, officially, in Kanchipuram, despite Kanchipuram being a two-hour drive away, and Chennai being a ten-minute walk away and the city on my postal address.)

Life is a beach.
Nick H
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Re: Terms equivalent in CM

#4  Postby varsha » 06 Feb 2012 15:17

Life is a beach.
Yes indeed . And as the saying goes ,
Larger the island of your awareness , longer is the shoreline of your wonder
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Re: Terms equivalent in CM

#5  Postby srikant1987 » 06 Feb 2012 15:44

You think like Albert Einstein: http://www.quotedb.com/quotes/2311

"As the circle of light increases, so does the circumference of darkness around it."
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Re: Terms equivalent in CM

#6  Postby satyabalu » 06 Feb 2012 18:53

*This is the feedback I received in another thread.Dear satyabalu sir -- Since i'm not well versed in carnatic based writing, i end up reflecting the thoughts and perceptions in a nomenclature/jargon/glossary that i'm slightly exposed with. I sincerely apologize for the pains being caused to go through the article. Will defintely try my level best to scale into carnatic based writing.

I'm highlighting a set of important "alankaar" glossaries (the ones that you highlighted and the other common-ones) for your perusal. Khyal system of music has an array of alankaars that a performer will have to demonstrate as part of presentation:

Laya-Bol – Pronouncement of Bol (words) in laya.
Layakaari – Play of bandish in a laya (in the confirmation to the type of taal that the bandish is set into). People also sing sargams as part of layakaari.
Khatka – The act of giving a jerk to a lower-note while trying to take higher-note.
Murak and Murki – slight vibration of single-note with the adjoining note. When we do this with multiple-notes with a slightly increased vibration, it becomes murki.
Mukda – Starting phrase (at times, starting word) of the stayi ( bandish comprises of stayi and Antara)
Pakad – Key signatory phase that constitutes the frame of a raga.
Sargam – notations or swarams
Taankaari – The act of taking taans.
Tayyaari – readiness
Riyaz – practice
Meend – glide
Kan – Application of a swara with an adjoining swara.
Harqat – is similar to murak – but is slightly even lighter and swift. It also features a finish of a small taan.
Bol-taan – Formation of taans using bols(words)
Bol-banav – This is a way of taking bols without spreading the letters in the bol (free of layakaari) and arriving at the ‘sam’ correctly.
Bol-baant – Spreading of letters of the bols over the notes.
Badhat – raga elaboration that explores every avenue of the raga framework.
Aamad – The process of approaching ‘sam’ with mukda.
Bol-alaap – Taking the bol (instead of alaap) to demonstrate alaap. This is usually done in vilambit.
Behlawa – is an artful way of enriching exposition of raga with combined development and progression of the raga, mood of the raga and meaning of the word expressively. It gives a very solid ornamented phrases without disturbing the mood of rasikas.
Chalan – systemic movement of raga
Thaat – parent scale
Taan – refers to intensified creation of varied patterns in a raga scale. There are many defined varieties of taans in khyal system of music (example: gamak taans, chut taans, sapat taans, pirat taans(spiral taans), koot taans etc)
Cheez – means a composition
Palta – while its literal meaning is ‘turning back’ or ‘turning over’, musically it refers to the permutational treatment of notes.
upaj -- literal meaning 'yield'; musically or contextually -- it alludes to 'yield of musical ideas'
Dadra - refers to taal; it also refers to a type of light-genre filled with importance for poetry, dhun and emotions
Gharana gayaki -- a person who adheres to the "baani" and characteristics of any particular gharana

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Re: Terms equivalent in CM

#7  Postby varsha » 06 Feb 2012 19:18

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Re: Terms equivalent in CM

#8  Postby cienu » 06 Feb 2012 20:42

Post # 2 was hilarious Varsha :)
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Re: Terms equivalent in CM

#9  Postby varsha » 08 Feb 2012 20:29


all these terms explained in great detail , in the course of all these lectures.
a must buy set
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Re: Terms equivalent in CM

#10  Postby satyabalu » 15 Feb 2012 23:06

"Raagdari" refers to the production of extreme command and creative craftmanship during the raga elaboration."
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Re: Terms equivalent in CM

#11  Postby satyabalu » 02 Apr 2012 20:35

alaapchari and vistaars
meend-maands, sancharis, shabdhalankars, Kans, sparshs, alankarnik emphasis on surs.. I

These are a few more HM terms I cut &paste from another thread. ignore repetition.
can someone explain these terms with an equivalent to CM. regards.
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