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#1  Postby drshrikaanth » 28 Jul 2006 19:19

There are lots of artistes that many are not even aware of by name. This applies to many artistes outside Tamizhnadu, especially those of yester-years. So, when we get the chance to know them, I thought we should grab it.

Here is an article from an article in the "Star of mysore" dated 28/07/06(Today) on Vid||B.R. Govindasway(gOvindaswAmi)

Image ... &item=1809
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#2  Postby drshrikaanth » 28 Jul 2006 19:20

Reproducing the article in case the link fails.


Those were the days! The second decade of the last century. The year was 1917. The first disastrous conflagration called the first World War, was on its last legs. It was the war between imperialist powers grabbing colonies and subjecting the natives to exploitation and poverty.

Even though India was one of them, brought under the British rule and struggling to remove its shackles, the remote villages particularly in the old Mysore State were unscathed and continued to be complacent, thinking that their ruler was in the Palace and everything was all right. Chikkaballapur in Kolar district was one of them. It was not a village but the administrative centre of the taluk of the same name, and one could call it a town â€"
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#3  Postby rshankar » 28 Jul 2006 21:11

And if we could also hear what captivated mALaviyA sa'ab, we would be very fortunate indeed!
Hopefully, someone has recorded the music of this artist!
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#4  Postby kiransurya » 28 Jul 2006 21:16

Very great personality indeed. Can we get to hear him...
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