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#26  Postby jayaram » 22 Feb 2007 15:08

Thanks for the clarifications. I have updated the picture title accordingly.

Now if only we can get a recording from this kutcheri...
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#27  Postby coolkarni » 22 Feb 2007 17:22

Not from this concert.But another one which evokes a mood very similar to the one in this Black and White Photograph.

Some soulful Flute , too.By T Viswanathan.

If this Comml by any chance, someone please alert me.I will withdraw it.I have this from a long long time - from a rare follower of Ramnad Krishnans Music living in Adyar..

#28  Postby true_rasika » 07 May 2007 05:16

Coolkarni Sir:

I have had the misfortune of learning about this forum rather late - resulting in my missing several precious downloads, particularly those of UKS (as mentioned in my recent post in the other thread on UKS) and the ones in this thread that were posted around a year earlier. Is there a remote chance that you can upload those old recording of RNK again?

BTW, I have excerpts of an RNK+MSG+Sankaran concert (probably dating back to the sixties). Starts off with MAkElarA, followed byIllallO PraNathArthiharA, then a Saveri (lyrics not very clear). A splendid concert with some outstanding accompaniment by MSG and Sankaran (in particular). The Saveri must rank as one of the very best I have heard, with a great Neraval and KalpanAswaram. This is followed by a sedate SahAnA (Giripai) and an elaborate, masterly Akshaya linga vibhO. A thani follows this and unfortunately the concert gets truncated after a few minutes into the Thani. Sankaran's following right thru is ultimate "sukham" and majestic... This is a "MUST listen" for RNK fans AND Sankaran fans...

My son and I have listened to this concert so many times - I have lost track of the number and also lost some of the tracks....what I meant was that the CD has developed scratches resulting in distorted audio...I am trying to get another copy of the same somehow and will upload a copy as soon as possible...

Coolkarni Sir....do you live in the US? As mentioned in the UKS thread, I live in NJ...

A general question to the members of this forum: How do we exchange contact information with individual members?
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#29  Postby coolkarni » 07 May 2007 06:04

true rasika
One of the most satisfying aspects of a forum like this (that has been around for quite some time ) is its ability to attract serious rasikas and who can enjoy and , and in the process add value to the proceedings.
It is quite possible that new entrants may feel missed out , but the best way is to open up-like you have done- and travel further.
Not necessarily for tracks alone , since you will observe that there are many more dimensions , to the proceedings here.
So please feel Welcome and try to catch up with whatever interests you.
We will do our best to bring back the expired tracks.
Ramnad Krishnan- Yes I will try and see what can be done.These days I wait for a few days to give Thanjavur ,ample time,to help us all with his links and then sit to work on stuff that may not be covered there.
You can exchange information by clicking on the profile of the member and getting the email ID from there.
And Yes.I live in Chennai.

#30  Postby 108talas » 07 May 2007 12:15

Yesterday (6/5/07) All India Radio, Chennai-A broadcast a concert in the morning (8.45 am to 9.45 am) From the voice, I thought I was hearing OST. It was ditto OST style in many places. But, normally AIR Chennai broadcasts concert of yesteryears. It made me think twice. The name was announced as Ramnad Krishnan. Then I thought I have heard more of OST than RNK.
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#31  Postby coolkarni » 07 May 2007 13:03


a short and sizzling Vasantha

#32  Postby ts » 21 May 2007 21:38

I am trying to trace one concert of his where he had sung Ramakrishnena in Sahana. Any one heard it? as it??

Thanks & Regards
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#33  Postby VISHNURAMPRASAD » 30 May 2007 11:56

Shri. Ramnad Krishnan - 1954

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#34  Postby ragam-talam » 10 May 2008 19:13

A rarely heard bAle bAlEndu - Ritigowla ragam

(there's mention of rAma's sister in this kriti - pardon my ignorance, who is she?)
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#35  Postby arasi » 10 May 2008 20:35

Thank you for the lovely piece on krishna (rAma) sOdari. What accompanists too!
It is always nice to hear the AIR clips with an intro and the names of accompanists...
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#36  Postby rshankar » 10 May 2008 21:20

ragam-talam wrote:(there's mention of rAma's sister in this kriti - pardon my ignorance, who is she?)


vishNu s(ah)OdarI - vishNU's sister - pArvatI/yOgamAyA

And that is why, in mInAkSi tirukalyANam, since her father (maladhwaja pANDiyan) was no more, her brother, vishNu gives her away.

The motif occurs in several compositions - starting with ANDAL's dream about her wedding where she says 'maNamAlai andari SUTTa kanA kaNDEn tOzhi nAn' - traditionally, the to-be sister-in-law performs this.

pArvatI is referred to as rAma sahOdari/krishNa sahOdari as they are but different forms of vishNu. SyAmA SAstri uses it cleverly with his mudra in many compositions - SyAma krishNa s(ah)Odari to refer to pArvatI.
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#37  Postby ragam-talam » 10 May 2008 23:23

rshankar, thank you.
Is this the link betwen Saivism and Vaishnavism? :)

Does Rama's sister make an appearance in Ramayana?
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#38  Postby rshankar » 11 May 2008 07:03

ragam-talam wrote:rshankar, thank you.
Is this the link betwen Saivism and Vaishnavism? :) Does Rama's sister make an appearance in Ramayana?

Not in the rAmAyaNa - in krishNAvatAram, pArvatI is born as yOgamAyA - the girl born to yaSOdA - the baby that is switched for krishNa, and flies out of kamsa's hands when he tries to do away with 'dEvakI's 8th child' even it is a girl.
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#39  Postby PUNARVASU » 11 May 2008 09:50

In the song 'Himagirtanaye' also Parvati is referred to as 'Rama sahodari'. I suppose depending on the praasam or rhyme she is referred to as Ramasahodari or Krishnasahodari ; in this particular song the earlier word is Rajarajeshwari.
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#40  Postby arasi » 11 May 2008 19:25

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#41  Postby ragam-talam » 12 May 2008 19:10

Recently I watched a video documentary on Ramnad Krishnan. It's very well put together. There are musings by various artistes, e.g. U.Sivaraman, N.Ramani, etc. In one place Lalgudi Jayaraman (speaking through his daughter) says how Ramnad Krishnan once named him 'Jaalgudi Layaraman' in praise of LGJ's control over laya.
Touching moment indeed, one maestro recognizing the greatness of another.

I would highly recommend this DVD - must be available in one of the music stores in Madras. I hope to get it next time I am there.

And here is a vintage picture of the two maestros:
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#42  Postby rshankar » 13 May 2008 19:01

ragam-talam wrote:A rarely heard bAle bAlEndu - Ritigowla ragam

(there's mention of rAma's sister in this kriti - pardon my ignorance, who is she?)

In this version of 'bAlE bAlEndu bhUSaNI', I did have some issues with the splitting in the AP 'phAla lOcanI SrI dhamrasamvardhini sakala lOka jananI' where Sri Krishnan splits it as 'phAla lOcani dharmasam.....vardhini sakala lOka jananI' and a few sangatIs are sung for the bolded part - almost suggesting 'some dharma':P

Vijayalakshmi Subramaniam's and Nityashri's versions of this composition split the AP after 'dharmasamvardhini'...and sound 'more intact' to me.
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#43  Postby ragam-talam » 14 May 2008 02:16

I didn't find the padachhEdam that much of an issue.
But then, I am not much of a stickler for purity in sahityam.
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#44  Postby arasi » 14 May 2008 07:56

The way I see it--and I care a great deal about sAhityam as Ravi does--is that when the music is great, I pay less attention to padach chEdams and mispronunciations, provided there are just a few in the entire concert. When the music isn't that good, I notice them more, and what do you know? The mistakes are not that rare in those concerts!
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#45  Postby Gamakam » 10 Aug 2009 13:18

My review of the DVD on Legendary Ramnad Krishnan: http://carnaticmusicreview.wordpress.com/2009/07/07/ramanathapuram-krishnan/
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#46  Postby Jim » 08 Nov 2009 04:20

Sirsub11 is right about the picture. All four of the musicians are identified correctly. What they have in common is being visiting artists at Wesleyan University in late 1960's. Ramnad Krishnan was there briefly, arriving in the fall of 1967 but returning to Madras in December.
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#47  Postby Ramasubramanian M.K » 12 Nov 2009 03:13

A Great Musician--there was a Jilu Jiluppu in his Shaareeram(voice).Very friendly and overtly diffident at times about his abilities and need for recognition.An incident.
Once in Bombay my father had arranged under the auspices of the Sabha,a concert by Ramnad Krishnan(I am quoting from my Father's book Musings on Music and Musicians) and arranged Palghat Mani Iyer to accompany him to give Ramnad Krishnan the "boost" he richly deserved . On the day of the concert Ramnad Krishnan(who I think was hosted at the Concerns Hotel in Matunga)came to see Mani Iyer.After the initial namaskaram Sri Krishnan's opening gambit for conversation was the statement--I quote verbatim from my father's book -

"-this evening I propose to sing Pallavi that I have prepared--" Mani Iyer at once cut in with the query "Have you sung it before? to which Krishnan replies NO--Out shot Mani Iyer's response: "Vishapareekshai Vendam"--you choose any one of the numerous pallavis especially of Mazhavarayanendal Subbarama Bhagavathar you are known for. After the remark there was a terrible stillness in the atmosphere.I could see that Krishna Iyer was crestfallen.He probably had expected that Mani Iyer would hear the Pallavi and compliment him.

The story does not end there.The concert later at the Podar hall was not acclaimed a success by the public.Later in the evening I ventured to Mani Iyer my impression that the concert was not a success,to which he shot out a striking comment "Sri Krishna Iyer was all the time obsessed with my presence. He should instead have gone about his business and sung according to his best lights leaving me to do my job :.

Now fifty years later in my mind when I revisit the scene,how many of the younger musicians including KVN were simply over-awed by Mani Iyer's stature that it affected their performing when it should have been the other way around. Also younger forumites who may not have had a chance to see Mani Iyer play in person might think he was against improvisation and innovation from the stage.(based on the remark Visha Pareekshai vendam).Nothing could be farther from the truth so far as PMI is concerned. PMI believed in not experimenting in front of an audience and had too much respect for the audience although many in the audience in those days may not have been sophisticated enough to note the infractions.
Back to Ramnad Krishnan--his stint at Wesleyan was short-lived because he became "home-sick" like a little kid(he was 50 years old at that time) and despite pleadings by Flute T Viswa,he did not complete his contract with Wesleyan and returned post hastily. This was his bane. While the Brindamma influence helped him in his repertoire and style and presentation,he used to be the "butt-end' of jokes by her about his perennial hasty reactions and speedy responses without thinking things thro.

While he happened to be not far behind in age with the stalwarts at that time--this inhibited his chances of coming up as the former were dominatiing the scene and Ramnad Krishnan was equally ambivalent about whether he should stick to his GNB style Brikas or the sedate style of the Dhanammal School. My personal opinion-- he was a great artist who died early before the previous stalwarts decided to hang up their boots and that would have opened up doors for him as it did for KVN,TMT,MDR et al.

For trivia buffs, Ramnad Krishnan taught Dancer Kumari Kamala(Kamala Lakshminarayana) vocal music!!!
Ramasubramanian M.K
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#48  Postby cacm » 12 Nov 2009 04:09

Ramnad K just wanted to leave after 2 weeks because of VethaLai-Btel nut etc was not available then & to him life was not worth it without such things! I used to pick him up at weslyan & drop him off after EVERY weekend. He literally begged me to send him back to Chenaai with some one who would take care of him in the plane and pretty much moved in with me!Finally Air India Ramachandran arranged the seat next to Rubin Mama & we dropped himm off at JFK!.....The interesting part was T.Viswa had the ideal car- a 50 dollar bomb- which I drove to JFK- IT Would only last 10 mins & stop. We had to wait till it cooled- I was in Manhattan & did not have my own!-; Viswa asked me to ABANDON the car in the Parking Lot but just remove the License Plates as it was legally needed by him. I managed to remove them pretty much removing them with my bare hands almost as no tools were available; In the meanwhile R.K. was delighting us with his fantastic Sahana. After I removed them & we were ready to leave there was a Flash light & a person flashed the F.B.I. Badge & told me "You are under Arrest"! Those were simpler days & after I showed NASA BADGE& came up with a plausible explanation he let us poff & all of us returned to my apt. in the Bomb taking 3 hours to do so!.......The only regret is R.K. offered to sing everything he knew & said I could record them for helping him! Sadly I
did not have a tape trecorder then & also not the time as I was mostly out of town on the Moon Project! VKV
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#49  Postby Ramasubramanian M.K » 12 Nov 2009 05:34

VKV: Great story! Is it not amazing how crazy YOU must have been about Music(and literally starving for it in the late sixties when there was hardly an opportunity to listen to artistes because there was no institution nor a rich patron who could sponsor a trip!!

I can picture the scene(although I was not present in 1967 during MS/TS trip to UN Concert) you lugging TKM's Mridangam,or Vinayakaram's Ghatam from the car to the venue(double parking with its hazards with the musicians merrily walking away unmindful of your predicament ,with the late CVN playing the courtly diplomat's role!!--living on a shoestring budget and still finding the ways and means to host artists and "spin them" around the City.

Wow!! Won't the forumites love to read a blow-by-blow account of those epoch-making events!! You be the narrator and I will put some 'masala' into it!!!

Ramasubramanian M.K
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#50  Postby cacm » 12 Nov 2009 07:33

I can recall these but YOU are there to REGALE US as well as EDUCATE US. VKV
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