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#1  Postby Jayashri » 20 Apr 2007 05:08

Can anyone shed any light on this artist? I heard him sing one song on AIR and he sang really well. I was just wondering who his guru is? I thought he was a disciple of TNS listening to his rendition.
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#2  Postby Jayashri » 20 Apr 2007 11:11

If I am not mistaken, I also want to add that the artist is from Madurai. thanks
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#3  Postby Kalpitham » 20 Apr 2007 19:09

I believe he is a student of Satguru Sangeetha Vidyalam and learns from Trichy Ganesan (Atleast used to!) A couple of years back he used to be Sairam - I hope it is the same Sairam!
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