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Postby mantra » 01 Dec 2005, 19:13

Hi friends,
I listened to a couple of commercial recordings and Live concert (posted by Raju Sir on Sangeetham website) of Sri Sethalapathi. Excellent manodharmam and his presentation is very moving. I assume he sang primarily Tamil kritis.
Anyone has more information/concert recordings?

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Postby srkris » 05 Dec 2005, 20:51

If you can listen to streamed music over the internet, this page might be useful.

Carnatica ( has released a couple of his recordings.

Also see this ... walbum.htm

I came to know that unfortunately, he is no more. Will try hunting for more information on him.


Postby coolkarni » 12 Dec 2005, 06:33

will pitch in with a video -YES VIDEO - of sethapatti sometime later.still stuck with no broadband facilities at home.


Postby coolkarni » 25 Dec 2005, 15:23

sample video - clip of a few seconds.
plus the full song in mp3. ... O.MPG.html

from a concert t the anjaneyar temple in nanganallur, chennai

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Postby meena » 10 Dec 2006, 04:28

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