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#151  Postby arasi » 10 May 2007 03:07

Thanks Padren. The AIR concert is enjoyable. I couldn't download nallani or the mIrA bhajan. Wonder why.
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#152  Postby padren68 » 10 May 2007 07:34

suarasa.net. the music is in streaming audio. U cannot d/l. Howeverr, u have any software like total recorder, u can rec it while u play and convert that into mp3. Or else u can connect a tape rec to your pc and rec in a tape. In the begining I have rec a lot of music this way:)
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#153  Postby arasi » 10 May 2007 07:49

Thank you, Padren.
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#154  Postby padren68 » 10 May 2007 07:54

Mysore Vasudevachar's sri mAthadi in Kalyani by Srirangam Gopalaratnam. This is the first song of the concert with quite a detailed alap.
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#155  Postby kmrasika » 11 May 2007 12:29

coolkarniji & padren68: thank you so much for the wonderful clips of Smt. gOpAlaratnam. What divine music, how much puNya she must have accumulated to be bestowed with abundant vidyA from the goddess of music. Please do post more clips (if you have) of her renditions.
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#156  Postby coolkarni » 11 May 2007 12:46

I will wait for padren to finish first..

#157  Postby padren68 » 11 May 2007 17:02

Some more of SG's lovely renditions
http://file.uploadr.com/e384 (sogasuga - sriranjini)
http://file.uploadr.com/e385 (varadaraja - Saranga)
http://file.uploadr.com/e386 (Dhira Samire - Thillang)
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#158  Postby padren68 » 11 May 2007 17:34

http://file.uploadr.com/e387 (okapilupilo – sounds like a folk song)
http://file.uploadr.com/e388 (basomere - meera bhajan)
http://file.uploadr.com/e38a (bhagyada lakshmi)
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#159  Postby thanjavooran » 16 Aug 2007 16:14

Vidwans of thanjavur [ less known ]

Duraiappa bhagavathar: Gottu vadhyam vidwan. civil engineer turned artiste.

Mylattur Samy Iyer: Mirudhangam vidwan and f/o Ramachandran
mirudhangist and subramaniam violinist.

T.D. Sanakra Iyer: Violinst

Thanjavur Lakshmi naryanan : Known as thanjavur nanu younger b/o Lakshmi
Devaraja bhagavathar an harikatha exponent.
Intially were singing together and when his
brother took up harikatha started performing alone.
In early 50s karnatakam's review in kalki along with
Mali's cartoon was widely applauded .

L. Venkatesa Iyengar: He is known as musician's musician a disciple of
thanjavur Nanu. .
His disciple was radhakrishnan and nothing
known about him .

Pozhakudi Bros. Ganesa Iyer and Rama Iyer. Along with O.V. Subra
maniam and T.K. Rengachari were running a music school.

Udhaya Shankar joshi : A disciple of Ganesa Iyer, an expert in rare ragas.

Prema Also a disciple of Ganesa Iyer.

K.S. Narayanan An excellent flute vidwan and a prime sishya of Mali

Since these Vidwans were opted to stay in thanjavur itself their identity is less known to music world. There are more artistes and I have brought in only few in this .
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