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#1  Postby coolkarni » 09 Dec 2006 07:34

Here is a track from one of the lesser known legends in the Group of 108
Referring to the CARNATICA tribute series.

Mayavaram Rajam
Simply breathtaking stuff

More Information on this artist -as well as this krithi-is Most welcome.

Will try and pick out some more beauties..

#2  Postby meena » 09 Dec 2006 07:59

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#3  Postby coolkarni » 09 Dec 2006 08:45

you liked the jothiswaroopini ??

#4  Postby meena » 09 Dec 2006 09:15

very much kji, thanku. He has touches of sree somu.

who is the composer?
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#5  Postby coolkarni » 09 Dec 2006 09:38

you were dead right
early somu
In fact i am just listening to a majestic shanmukhapriya of mayavaram rajam and see how correct you are
reminds me of that that famous concert where somu and lagudi play cat and mouse...
Divine stuff..
(Oh !Lord , how many more such great Stars are out there - about whom we know so little !)

#6  Postby vasanthakokilam » 09 Dec 2006 09:44

Incredible Kji. Thanks. I wonder how come his name is not one that is spoken about. And a great quality recording too.

In addition to early Somu, he also has a V.V.Sadagopan vibe to his singing.
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#7  Postby jayaram » 09 Dec 2006 14:42

Cool-ji, thank you, thank you. Now don't be surprised if you find people (incl myself) knocking on your door. ;)

Perhaps you can play Santa Claus and bring us sacks-full of more goodies during this festive season!
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#8  Postby coolkarni » 10 Dec 2006 09:48

Another Legend -Sethalpatti Balasubramaniam

a nice video clipping

and a fine shanmukhapriya alapana

#9  Postby meena » 10 Dec 2006 09:56

Balu mama:
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#10  Postby rbharath » 12 Dec 2006 11:00

i am told Mayavaram Rajam and Manakkal Rangarajan were the mofussal stars in those days. They were the busiest performers in the thanjavur district. Though, madras dint give them enuf weightage, worthy of their music.
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#11  Postby Karnaticfan » 12 Dec 2006 12:12



Mayavaram Rajam & Manakkal Rangarajan were mofussal stars in and around Thanjavur, Pudukkottai, Trichy areas. Also the other stars were Salem Desikan, Piranmalai S.Vaidyanathan, Sattur Subramaniam, Taayumanavan, Mylaatoor Ramachandran(Mrudangam).

During Pudukkottai Narasimha Jayanthi, rasikas were enjoying an excellent 10 days music festival in April/May every year (humble homage to Poojyasri Gopala Krishna Bhagavatar). All above great artists' concerts used to be liked by one and all. They had their own forts, dedicated to Music. I have heard them many times. They have been real unsung heros of yesteryears. Of them, only Salem Desikan could get some chances in Madras.

All stars are not born to shine.

- kf -
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#12  Postby Karnaticfan » 12 Dec 2006 12:54

Further on Pudukkottai Narasimha Jayanati, which had been as good as (or even better) the Music Season at Chennai. Poojyasri Gopalakrishna Bhagavatar used to invite all great artists of the era, includng MSS. I remember that KVN was introduced in that area for the first time, thru Palghat Mani Iyer.

Daily the concerts used to start around 6 pm and was going till late night beyond 1/2 am. While the concerts had a different venue, there used to be a gathering of Bhajan artists, performing DivyanAmam etc. at one more venue (kalyana mantapam) throughout the night. Even during the bhajans at night, the above artists used to go for extempore pallavis. The dhyAnam singing had varieties of artists. Around 120 people were participating in DivyAnAmam. There was real feast. My eyes are now with tears. The PudukkottaivAsis were fortunate to have food for ears(years also) as well as they were served meals/coffee thruout 10 days. Whole city was benefitted.

At least I am blessed to have enjoyed that time. Just thought of sharing my feeling.

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#13  Postby 108talas » 12 Dec 2006 14:44

Yes Karnaticfan,

I have heard much about Pudukkottai Narasimha Janyanti. Now, Poojya Gopalakrishna Bhagavatar's grandson is not carrying on with the same spirit of the period you are referring to. At least His Son, Sanjeeva Bhagavatar used to carry on with the task to a great extent.

Also He had invited many artists and was sincerely patronizing them.

Many yesteryear unsung heros were there, like you have pointed out. I could also get the opportunities to listen to them.

Great stuff.
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#14  Postby sindhu » 12 Dec 2006 15:19

Some unknown great artists are also getting appreciated here. Kudos to RASIKA.ORG.
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#15  Postby MaheshS » 12 Dec 2006 16:33

Sethalpatti Balasubramaniam - what a legend. I ona daily basis hear his virutham "Perayiram paravi vanor" followed by Sivan's Kana Kan Kodi Vendum in Kambodhi. Divine stuff. And his singing of Kapali is beautiful. The feminine beauty of Mohanam is mesimerising.
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#16  Postby coolkarni » 13 Dec 2006 07:29

next legend - Puducode Krishnamurthy


for many years i had identified this track wrongly as alathoor srinivas iyer.
only recently somebody from the malayalam country identified it as puducode krishnamurthy.

a hypnotising sathatham- the second half sends me into a trance , always.

#17  Postby Radhakrishnan » 13 Dec 2006 07:54

It is indeed Pudukode Krishnamoorthy, thanks a lot coolkarni sir
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#18  Postby meena » 13 Dec 2006 08:04

if one is interested in finding info, we have a thread dedicated to sree Puducode Krishnamurthy.
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#19  Postby coolkarni » 13 Dec 2006 08:30

Now I have two friends from malayalam country who have identified it correctly..Right ?

#20  Postby jayaram » 13 Dec 2006 15:35

Santa-coolji is in action again!

Here's 'romba romba nanri' from another Pudukkode fan (and a relative to boot!). Your Malayalam country friends' number is fast increasing...!
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#21  Postby Suji Ram » 13 Dec 2006 22:49

I understand how good it feels to know who really sang a song.

I once mixed all the TVS and TSK tracks and not knowing who sang which(i am a novice) started listening anyways with the thought "what's in a name?" just enjoy.. But then I hear a beautiful Sahana-then I really want to know who sang it.
Suji Ram
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#22  Postby coolkarni » 14 Dec 2006 07:03


two legends in this track
Mali and Palghat Mani Iyer.

Rare Rare moments.......

#23  Postby venkatpv » 14 Dec 2006 07:28

lovely track!! thanks so much...
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#24  Postby meena » 14 Dec 2006 07:52

Flute mali:

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#25  Postby coolkarni » 14 Dec 2006 10:14

lovely track!! thanks so much...

That concert was located in a dusty brown spool !


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